When you host a Heritage Makers party, you’ll have a fabulous time with your friends and learn all about using your photos in easy-to-make keepsakes you’ll cherish for years to come! But that’s not all! As a party host, we’ll reward you with:

FREE Publishing Points—earn plenty of points to use on the purchase of Heritage Makers products!

FREE Youngevity Product—rather than points, you can earn up to $200 for the purchase of Youngevity products!

BIG Savings—and you can earn discounts of up to 60% off your choice of three Heritage Makers or Youngevity products!

book a workshop
Party Total FREE HM Points or YGY Product Credit Items at 40% off or get 60% off with 2 bookings
$1000+ 200 3
$900 160 3
$800 145 3
$700 125 2
$600 110 2
$500 90 2
$400 60 1
$300 45 1
$200 25 1
*Program Details: A minimum of 2 orders must be placed to qualify for host rewards. Party total is based on total volume purchased. Youngevity product credit is valued in dollars used for the purchase of Youngevity products at wholesale prices. Items purchased at discounts cannot be combined with other discounts or purchased with points or product credit.
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