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terms and conditions

Last updated on 8/19/2013

Heritage Makers Consultant Agreement Terms and Conditions

A) As a Heritage Makers Consultant, I am an independent contractor who agrees to pay any self-employment taxes required by federal, provincial, and local law and statutes, and regulations. If I am claiming tax-exempt status, this includes appropriate collection and payment of sales tax on retail sales.

B) I understand and accept all terms and conditions outlined in the Heritage Makers Consultant Agreement, Heritage Makers Compensation Guide, and HM Policies and Procedures. I agree to adhere to all rules and conditions. Violation of these terms may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of Consultancy.

C) I agree that when recruiting prospective Consultants I will fully disclose that the only financial requirement to become a Consultant of Heritage Makers is $25.00 for an at-cost Consultant Welcome Kit.

D) The effective date of this Agreement (contract) shall be the date Agreement is received and accepted at Heritage Makers Home Office.

E) I agree to conduct myself as an INDEPENDENT contractor for Heritage Makers in an ethical, legal, and professional manner at all times.

F) I understand that this is an integrated Agreement, which also includes conditions found in this agreement, the Heritage Makers Compensation Plan, the HM Policies and Procedures and any applicable corporate produced materials and programs.

G) I declare that the Social Security Number or Federal Tax ID Number listed on this Agreement is my correct tax identification number for income tax purposes in the United States. I shall be held personally responsible for any and all tax obligations.

H) I declare that I am of legal age in my state of residence.

I) I agree that I will purchase products (for retail and personal use) under the condition that I have sold or passed on at least 70% of previously purchased inventory.

J) I understand that all Heritage Makers Consultant and customer proprietary information is the property of Heritage Makers and will not be sold or traded to any buyer, partner or affiliate of Heritage Makers. Furthermore, I acknowledge that I will not utilize networks, lists or other Heritage Makers contacts or information to promote the sale or use of any products or services other than those presented through Heritage Makers.

K) I agree that I will not use proprietary trade names and/or trademarks of Heritage Makers without prior written consent.

L) I agree that I will make no statements, claims or guarantees of Heritage Makers products that are not contained in approved corporate materials. Furthermore, I agree that I will not make earning representations, or income claims in promotional materials, advertising, or any other format when representing Heritage Makers.

Miscellaneous Provisions:

The principal business address of Heritage Makers is 370 W. Center St. Orem UT, 84057.

A Consultant who wishes to terminate his/her relationship (Agreement) with Heritage Makers should submit his/her intent in writing to the Home Office. The principal business address of Heritage Makers is:

370 W. Center St.
Orem UT, 84057

Realization of this termination shall be reflected as the date Heritage Makers received termination notification.

The Heritage Makers Consultant Agreement may not be transferred or assigned without prior written permission of Heritage Makers.

Heritage Makers may modify this Agreement and/or Policies and Procedures and/or Heritage Makers Compensation Plan in order to meet certain legal requirements and changing economic conditions. Heritage Makers agrees to give 30 days advance notice for any such modification.

This Agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the State of Utah (without regard to Utah's conflict of law principles). If any portion of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be struck and the remaining provisions shall be enforced. I agree that this Agreement and all incorporated Agreements may be automatically assigned by Heritage Makers, in its sole discretion, to a third party in the event of a merger or acquisition. I cannot transfer my rights or obligations under this Agreement to anyone without the written permission of Heritage Makers. The failure of Heritage Makers to enforce any provision of this Agreement does not waive its right to enforce the same provision in the future.

Heritage Makers reserves the right to accept or reject any Consultant Agreement for any reason, in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Heritage Makers Policies and Procedures, Consultant Agreement, and Heritage Makers Compensation Plan.

The place of origin of this Agreement originated in the State of Utah and shall be governed in accordance with the laws of Utah. Utah courts shall be the forum for resolution for any potential disputes.

Heritage Makers agrees to be continually committed to quality products and prompt and accurate pay of compensation due to Consultants under the Heritage Makers Compensation Plan, Policies and Procedures and terms associated with the relationship.