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Desktop Calendar
Desktop Calendar
Custom desktop calendars are the perfect gift for the new year! Personalize each month with a favorite photo and highlight special days throughout the year. Each page is fully customizable. Start with a template or make from scratch.
10 x 4 (w x h)
Premium 100-lb cover stock, archival-quality
Twin-loop wire binding with die cut hole for hanging
Durable built-in easel for display
12 customizable pages, single sided
Standard Printing Time
5 - 10 business days
NOTE: This item is sent to the printer once a week at noon MT on Monday. Please keep this in mind when ordering this product as it may take longer for you to receive it. Business Days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays observed by the Post Office and UPS. During holidays and other peak production seasons, product printing times may increase.


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Wholesale $17.01

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