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Heritage Makers storybooks help families in need cultivate a hopeful future for their children.

Homelessness affects every community, and the homeless children of today are in some cases enduring hardships and losing hope. Heritage Makers, a leader in the custom printing industry, believes that a simple bedtime storybook that includes a child's own photos and personalized, positive messages can restore confidence, inspire imagination, and cultivate a hopeful future for the children of struggling families.

Heritage Makers has partnered with its network of Personal Publishing Consultants to donate custom printed, hardbound storybooks to family-focused shelters across the U.S. and Canada.

Nominate a family in need

Create a storybook for a Tucked In family

Find out how to make a cash donation

For Heritage Makers Clients and Consultants:

Volunteer to create a Tucked In storybook.

The Heritage Makers Mission: A Storybook in Every Home

Heritage Makers believes there is a story behind every photo, and that many of those stories need to be preserved and celebrated through custom-published books and other photo keepsakes. The Storybook in Every Home Program was created to help fulfill the company's mission by extending the availability of its products to those that might otherwise not be able to benefit from them.

In addition to the Tucked In charity, Heritage Makers also supports the NILMDTS Foundation (Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep) in their work to provide photographic tributes to families experiencing the loss of an infant. Find out more about the NILMDTS Foundation.

For more information contact:
Don Lehnhof, Director of Marketing, Heritage Makers
Email: dlehnhof@heritagemakers.com
Site: www.heritagemakers.com
Phone: 801-437-8600