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Your photos can be so much more than pixels on a screen or dusty memories in a shoebox! Heritage Makers invites you to discover the power of creatively celebrating your photos. It’s easy to get started with a free account (see below).

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Simple to use online publishing

Don’t worry about installing software, you can work from any computer connected to the internet. Our simple drag and drop interface makes it easy to begin with a predesigned template or start from scratch.

Gifts that never stop giving

From custom-printed books, canvases, greeting cards and more–your family and friends will love how uniquely personal HM gifts are.

Custom-printed Business tools

Give your business a boost with custom business cards, brochures and booklets. Build relationships with custom greeting cards, directly shipped to your customers or team.

The world’s largest digital art and template library!

Access the world’s largest library of digital art and templates with a Premier account or get FREE access by joining our monthly publishing program, Club HM.

Out of this world customer support

Need help? Use our online support resources like live chat, a searchable help center, video tutorials or more are just a click away!

What our customers are saying

“I have never done crafts like scrap booking or anything like that but this is so much fun and the ideas are endless.”
-Tammy David

“Studio is so easy to use, and I absolutely love all of the art work. And the customer service? WOW!”
-Conni Knoblach

“I love the finished project!!! I don't know why everyone doesn't want to be involved in Heritage Makers!”
-Heather Jackson

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"One of Oprah's All Time Favorite Things"

"Two thumbs up"

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